We’ve collected sheet music since the 1970s and started selling it as TJMusic since the 1990s. We offer an ever-changing selection of sheet music, along with music-related books, magazines, and ephemera through this website and at The Broadway Book Mall in Denver, Colorado.

Our inventory depends on what comes our way: budget-priced, collectible, or authoritative editions of the Standard Repertoire (both Classical and Popular), as well as scarce, out-of-print, or simply curious music of many types. All kinds of musicians, collectors, bargain-hunters, and explorers will find something of interest here.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for please send us an email and we’ll do an off-line search, or visit the LINKS page on this site for a list of other resources.

If you have some music to pass along, please send us an email or give us a call. Due to space restrictions we generally don’t buy choral music, hymnals, salon music, or most method books, technical manuals, textbooks, or teaching repertoire.

Condition is an issue with used merchandise. Sheet music is nearly always marked by the store that sold it and the person who bought it. Please see below for additional details.




All music will be complete.

We do not sell print-on-demand editions, or photocopies.

Ex-library copies will always be noted regardless of condition.


We rank the condition of our items based on these variables:

  • Whether the SPINE/BINDING is intact and firm, or not;

  • Whether the PAPER is firm, or blemished, or aged, or not;

  • Whether there are store stamps, signatures, or performance (or other) MARKS, or not;

  • Whether the item has missing (non-essential) pages or outer wrappers, or not.


We use the following words to describe, in general terms, the condition of an item. If you would like a more-detailed description for a particular item, please contact us.





The item shows no signs of use or wear—slightly adjusted for age. Shop labels/stamps may be present.



Stable spine/binding; paper may show minimal/mild signs of aging/blemishes and there may be occasional performance or other markings; the item appears complete as originally published. Ready-to-use.



Any mix of the following: spine/binding may be compromised but stable; paper may show mild/moderate signs of aging/blemishes/markings; repairs (if present) are stable; may have some loosened inner pages and/or lack outer wrappers but otherwise appears complete. Ready-to-use.



Any mix of the following: spine/binding may be compromised/unstable; paper may show moderate and obvious signs of aging/blemishes/markings; may have repairs of variable stability; may lack outer wrappers or non-essential pages. Some items may require a little attention before they are ready-to-use.



Overall condition is poor but music is readable. We seldom offer items that are in this condition, but will make exceptions for pieces that are scarce or of other particular interest. Items in marginal condition will require some special handling.